When I made the Sock It To Me quilt, I used a fat quarter pack of Chroma by Alison Glass.

The problem with that is that the Chroma fat quarter pack included a lot more than I needed to use for the quilt. It took me weeks to decide which ones to leave out. I kept rearranging, changing my mind, auditioning new combinations, rearranging again, etc.

But then there was one combination I tried where not only did I like the fabrics that I was going to use in Sock It To Me, but the combination of leftovers was even better!

I love love love these fabrics together. I bought more of the cream color for use as a background. These are going to make a great quilt once I find the perfect pattern to use them on. I've been thinking on it for several months now, but haven't come up with anything yet. Hopefully inspiration will strike soon.

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