Gifts from Biz Friends

I meet monthly with other quilting biz owners to help me focus, be accountable, and plan. It's really really helped me in this past year. I'm currently in two groups. The one I've been in the longest is the more structured of the two with report-outs of what we've accomplished in the past month, what our goals going forward are, bouncing ideas off of each other, and keeping each other accountable. The second group is more local to me, and we share biz & sewing ideas, talk about local events, discuss the latest things that we see happening on social media, and more. I get different things out of both groups, and they're both pretty valuable.

At the meeting of one of my groups yesterday, we did some impromptu gift exchanges, and I got some super cool stuff! The ornament matches one of my favorite t-shirts with the skull and needle that I probably wear way too often. The pretty vinyl hexie pouch is so soft! I have never felt vinyl that's so soft and flexible before. And the paper notepads have pineapples on the top, and you guys, my name is printed on every sheet of paper! Fancy!

I'm so grateful that I have some ladies that have been helping me focus on my business goals. If you have a small business, I highly recommend joining some kind of mastermind or accountability group if you can find one!

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