Missing in Action

I've missed four days in a row of posting to the blog! I'm failing at the 31 day blogging challenge! But I had a good excuse, I promise. My son came home last Thursday & stayed until Monday. He moved 6 hours away about 2 years ago, so I don't get to see him as often as I would like.

We had a really nice weekend visit that included lots of hanging out, playing board games, opening Christmas gifts, and travelling around the state to visit grandparents and family. But during all of this, I neglected the blog, and didn't even think about it for any length of time. This has taught me that if I want to blog consistently, I need to write & schedule posts ahead of time. That's something that I'll look into in the new year.

But I did do some hand sewing this weekend. In my last blog post, I showed you a picture of the adult craft activity that we did at Thursday's Madison Modern Quilt Guild meeting. We learned how to do parabolic string art. This involved poking holes on cardstock & sewing designs through the holes. I completed a diamond at the meeting. I really enjoyed the process, so I made a square and a star this weekend. Next up I'd like to do some sort of circle/ spiral shape.

There are sooooo many different designs and ways you can do this type of craft. Look at a bunch of cool images here! I can even see doing this on fabric in the future. The possibilities for this are endless!

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