I made an ugly quilt

I made a quilt top recently for a new little one that arrived just in time for Christmas. In my head, it looked super cool. But in reality, it didn't turn out anywhere near what I was imagining. The colors are all wrong, there is no contrast, the design is boring.

I hate it. I hate it with the red hot passion of a thousand burning stars.

My husband says that it looks fine. That anyone would be happy to receive it, and that I'm just being too hard on myself. But I said, dude, this is pretty close to the ugliest quilt I have ever made. And I can't bring myself to actually finish it and gift it.

So I'm starting over. I found a couple charm packs of this super cute "Hushabye Hollow" line at my local quilt shop today. Isn't it adorable? I'm going to use a much simpler design and I think it will turn out much cuter than the hot pink monstrosity.

Have you ever made a really ugly quilt that you hate? What do you do with the quilt tops that you just can't bear to finish? And how long am I required to keep that monstrosity around before I can just toss it?

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