Auditioning Layouts

Lots of badly lit ipad photos coming your way! When I took these photos, I didn't think of using them in a blog post, but here we are.

I often take lots of pictures of the quilt on my design wall when I'm trying to decide on a layout. I find that looking at the quilt through a photo really helps me see things that I just don't see in real life.

I usually take a pic, tweak one or two things, take another pic, then compare the two. I compare to make sure that I like the second one better, and look for other areas of the quilt that are jumping out at me in the photo. Then I repeat the process until I get to a layout where nothing is bothering me.

Currently on the design wall are charm squares for a baby quilt. I want the design to kind of gradate from light on top to dark on bottom. I went through 5 versions before I came to the final one that I'm going to go with.

Do you have a similar process that you use when auditioning layouts, or do you do something different?

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