I shall call her squishy and she shall be mine and she shall be my squishy.

Today's post is not at all sewing or quilting related, but I need to show you my kitty.

Well, it's not really my kitty. It's a stray that I first noticed in our backyard in about July. It would come around every couple of days. I saw it hunting moles a few times, which was awesome because those damn moles WRECK the yard. I think it spent a lot of time in the space between my shed and house because it's a relatively enclosed and protected space blocked by bushes on one side, and the shed and house on two other sides.

At first, it was very skittish and hissy and wouldn't come anywhere near me. I occasionally left bowls of water or milk on the deck, and sometimes gave it treats. Eventually, it let me sit on the deck with it, then it let me sit next to it, and finally, I was able to pet it and pick it up and love on it. Lots of purring ensued, and it came to visit me more often.

The above picture was taken at the end of September shortly after it let me start petting it.

Every time I socialized with this stray cat or gave it milk and treats, my husband admonished me, asking what my end goal was. I would love love love to adopt this cat & bring it in. But sadly, I'm allergic. I used to have three cats, but developed an allergy that kept getting progressively worse. I had to rehome my cats about three and a half years ago. Lots of crying happened. So my goal was just to pour some love on this kitty and then ?????.

I've been worried about the cat with the sub-zero temperatures lately. I hadn't seen it in about a week. But yesterday I forgot to close the garage door for about an hour. Then a few minutes after finally closing the door, it was in there meowing away trying to get out. I gave it some treats and set it back outside. Since it's been so cold, I wanted to build a warm shelter box this weekend to try to keep it a little warmer.

But this morning, it was sitting outside the patio door meowing loudly for about 10 minutes. So we opened the patio door to say hello and pet it, and it ran inside. It seemed so very happy to be inside. I couldn't get a good pic because it wouldn't stop moving.

It rubbed against my legs and purred, jumped up on the couch for a hot second, puked in the bathroom, and wriggled around rubbing its back on the carpet. After running around for a while, it settled under the kitchen table, and peered out the patio door while sitting in the warm sunlight. It was in the house today for about two hours. I realized that this cat needs to be in a home with lots of love and snuggles, and not just a warm shelter box. Since I can't keep it for myself, I decided to take it to the Dane County Humane Society.

We wrapped it in a towel, and put it in a cardboard box, and it barely put up any fight at all. It was surprisingly calm all the way there. Way calmer than any of my other three cats had been on a car ride. When I opened the box after we got there, it stuck its head through the towel, and sniffed around and meowed a little. It let me hold it while I was filling out paperwork, and was really nice to the intake lady. I made a small donation while I was there to help with medical tests and food.

Unfortunately, Dane County Humane Society isn't a completely no-kill shelter. But they don't euthanize due to space issues or because an animal has been there for a long time. The intake lady told me that they only euthanize if there are severe behavioral or medical issues that they can't treat. Squishy is small, but looks very healthy. No runny eyes or nose. No matted fur, no visible infections. And its very very sweet and friendly since I trained it well. :) So hopefully, all will go well, and it will be able to be put up for adoption in 4 days. If you want my Squishy, you can go to DCHS & ask about cat #37497012.

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