Temperature Quilt

I've decided that I'm going to make a temperature quilt! I saw something similar several years ago in knitting circles. People would knit one row or a set number of stitches every day in a color that represented the high temperature for the day. At the end of the year they had a scarf or blanket that represented their year in temps. Since I'm not very good at knitting, and since quilting is my jam, I've decided that I want to make a temperature quilt instead.

I looked on Instagram, and there are actually other people starting temperature quilts and doing quilt alongs right now! I'll be posting semi-regular updates throughout the year here and on Instagram and using #temperaturequilt and/or #tempquilt2018.

I'll be making one block representing each day's high & low temperatures. Since I'm once again jumping into something at the last minute, I haven't decided on a design, or picked out colors, or done anything else needed to get this quilt started yet! I suspect that I may not actually start sewing on this until the middle or end of January, but I'll start tracking temps today.

Once I get started, I hope to be able to actually sew one block per day. One of the things I'd like to accomplish this year is to try to make time to sew every single day, whether that may be an hour, or 30 minutes, or just 2 minutes. This temperature quilt will help me have a small thing I can focus on every day even if I just have a few minutes to sew.

Join me in making a temperature quilt of your own! I'd love to see how different everyone's quilts can turn out!

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