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Starry Night:

If your version of the pattern has #1603 in the bottom right of the front cover, you have the corrected version. Yay you!

If your pattern has #1507 in the bottom right, your pattern has cutting errors. Boo! Everyone that purchased the pattern on the website will be mailed a corrected version of the pattern. If you purchased yours at a quilt show that I was at, please email a photo of your pattern, along with your mailing address to me at  amy @, and I will send you the corrected pattern. If you purchased your pattern at your local quilt shop, please either contact them for a replacement after 10/28/16, or email me.

The corrections are: From each FQ, cut (4) 2.75" x 6.75", and (8) 4.5" x 9". Finished size is 51" x 68".

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